#48HrsWith @IamLempo – Chapter 5 – Interview and Applique Remix Competition

After an incredible weekend, the Dance Music Manchester team thought the best way to cap it off would be to interview the man himself and see how he felt the weekend went. So, here is the interview with Mr. Mike McGuinness aka Lempo.

So, how was last weekend and spending #48HrsWith DMM? 

Last weekend was a great all-round party. Non-stop from starting the radio show at 8pm on Friday night – right through to getting home from the studio late on Sunday evening but truth be known it was like most weekends for me. It’s what I live for and as you saw, there is a crop of incredible people around me that help it all tick over. As for spending every waking hour that weekend with James (DMM) I think it is safe to say I have made a new friend on the Manchester club scene. The banter was top draw and his enthusiasm for the music was a joy to see, I’m still very honoured to have been selected as the first specimen for #48HrsWith.

Whats next for Lempo and Japwow?

The future looks good. We have forthcoming releases on some major labels, the next of which is “Jazz Handz” on MC Flipside’s Canadian imprint ‘DBR’ – Flip himself has done the remix package which we were honoured to discover. We have plenty of remix work for several prominent labels in the works. A collaboration alongside dance heavyweights K-Klass and a studio album for 80d (Ashley Taylor Dawson) co producing with Mark Hill (Artful Dodger). Add to that the day to day running of our own record label and you have a busy schedule. Our latest demo is already gaining support from the likes of Doorly and Worthy along with airplay on Capital FM from Andi Durrant. We are pushing this around a few labels at the moment. The sky is the limit!

Lempo & Japwow

Lempo & Japwow

How did the Applique Music Showcase at The Yacht Club go? Did the DJs involved enjoy the night? Will there be more of the same coming to Manchester any time soon?

The event at The Yacht Club was a massive success. If you take into consideration the typical Manchester weather it was amazing to see anybody out but they were raving in force and it is safe to say they all had a great time.

All the DJs that represented us at the event have made a point of contacting me to say how much they and their friends enjoyed it. My original concept for this showcase was to just let the acts play what they want to play with no pressure. Too many promoters have their hands forced by venues to meet ticket sales, which puts a lot of pressure on the talent to make sales. This is not what we are about and it is the main issue on the promo side of the industry. So, we set the stage for a free party, no pressure, no problem! All we want to do with the artists on Applique Music is help them progress, and that is what this event was about. We believe in their productions and the skills they all poses behind the decks.

The venue have expressed their joy at the atmosphere created by the Applique Music team and have already invited us back for two further showcase events, which we have accepted. These events will be on the last Saturday of the month in July and August from 5pm as official pre parties for the main event… Bitch at Venus!

I would just like to say a huge thank you to all the artists on the label, specifically those who played at the event, the ravers who braved the weather to enjoy the music with us and my brother from another mother – Mr. Jamie Jones (The Yacht Club Manager) for agreeing to my concept. Much luv y’all! x

Bitch was one of our favourite club nights ever. How was the night for you? Pete Mobey has said that the sit down during Avicii’s, “Superlove” was one of his favourite moments behind the decks. How did it feel to get such a massive reaction as part of B3?

As always Bitch was an amazing event, the infrastructure of this brand is unreal. It is so well organised from top to bottom and executed with such style, testiment to the Bitch team and all the crew at Venus The Club. I spend a lot of time with the main man… Tricky (Ric Feingold) is a great lad and he is very passionate about his Bitch!

I think what made this night so special was that coming together of myself, Russo and Pedro for the three way! (not like that). When we decided to do the gig under the B3 alias we had no idea it would be such a success and gain so much interest in such a short space of time. We have been working together closely on the radio show every Friday and that combined with us being residents together for a number of years at Venus every month – enabled us to have a better understanding of how to entertain the Bitch faithful. I would go as far as to say the sit down was the highlight of my own career as a DJ and that is saying something as I have clocked up a fair few gigs. The feeling a moment like that gives you is unbelievable and it will stay with the three of us for the rest of our lives. Lets not forget that all the other DJs played a blinder too Felix, Kim, Adrian, Frater & Stent etc. were all on top of there game.

Talking of B3, what do you think the future holds for the group? Anything big in the pipeline?

Well the feedback has been next level, we didn’t expect the reaction we had. It helped that we kept the identity of B3 a secret until the event. People were already buzzed up about the promo mix we aired on Unity Radio but when the three of us walked out in those t-shirts the raw was incredible and all we could do was grin as we took to the decks.

We have just confirmed that our next set as B3 will be at Mint Festival in Leeds alongside artists such as Michael Woods, Third Party and Kryder on Sat 28th September. We have set up at Twitter page too @thisisb3 – we are just gonna see what happens, by no means will this become a monthly thing and nor will it stray too far from the (Bitch) mothership.

B3 - Martyn Russo, Pete Mobey and Lempo

B3 - Martyn Russo, Pete Mobey and Lempo

As for the label, you’ve had chart success with some of your releases and are working with some huge talent. What should we expect from Applique in 2012 / 2013? 

The label is still very much in it’s infancy. Yes we have been lucky enough to gain some major support from the likes of Tiesto, Roger Sanchez, Mark Knight, Eric Morillo etc. but it is the chart positions that show true support. It means the clubbers are finding the music and buying it which is a winner. To date we have had three number one sellers and around 80% of the releases have held a chart position on one or more of the many download stores such as Beatport and Trackitdown.

The future is bright, we have big plans. I think now we have a foot in the door and the respect has been earned we are finding it easier to sign the bigger names both as original artists and remixers. The Summer Session Compilation which is released on July 25th includes the three number one selling tracks “Boston Boogie” by Will Gold vs Lempo and Japwow, “Runch” by London duo John Ryan & Foreman and Ben Clarke’s “Old School Drop Out”. Along with the local talent you would expect to see on one of our releases we also have household names such as Oliver Lang, Rob Nutek, Will Clarke, Frater & Stent and David Glass.

Since the weekend, what has the reception and feedback been like about the whole #48HrsWith weekend? Do you think it’s helped those involved with the recognition they deserve, even if only in a small manner?

Any exposure is good exposure and the depth in which you have gone to discuss the people we crossed paths with at all the events during the weekend has been a joy to read. These people are all my friends as well as colleges, I’m sure they are all very grateful for the place you have given them in the shop window… anything is a bonus. I believe it was Oscar Wilde who said,

 “The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.”

As for myself the exposure has been a great, lots of nice tweets and Facebook messages from people who have enjoyed the story. Lots of new followers and likes across the all the socials. Interaction on Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud for both Applique Music and Lempo & Japwow have rocketed with the links being in your articles. So on behalf of everyone at Applique Music, Japwow and myself – Thank you very much DMM!

Applique Summer Session

Quickfire questions:

Favourite moment of the weekend?
The sit down during the B3 set at Venus by a country mile.

Studio or DJ Booth?

Ohhhhhhhhhhh too hard, I love both so much!

Dirty warehouse basement or posh nightclub?
I like it dirty, if the walls ain’t sweating it ain’t a party!

Favourite Krispy Kreme donut?
Original Glazed all the way baby!

#48HrsWith: would you do it again?
Hell yeah, but if we do, lets move the goal posts and do it on a bank holiday weekend… #72hrsWITH ???

Last but not least, what is this Applique Music remix competition all about?

Lempo & Japwow - WishboneWell, while you were in the studio with us last Sunday we put the finishing touches to a new Lempo & Japwow original called “Wishbone”. Jonathan Lee (The label A&R) is doing a remix but we will also be releasing the winner and runner up of this comp on the package. So if anyone out there think they have what it takes you can download the parts from the link below and submit your entry by August 10th via the labels Soundcloud page.


Any last comments?
Just a lot of thanks… thank you to DMM – I can’t express my gratitude enough that you guys asked me to do this. Thank you for the support and patience Mrs. Lempo and my family give me and more to the point for letting me chase my dream. Massive thank you to my music crew, most notably Claire Savage, Jono Carr, Ric Feingold, Ben Egerton, Stu Smith, Russo and Pedro. Without the help and support of these guys it would all fall apart. Finally the fans – I guess you call them that, the guys following me on twitter, tuning into the show, coming to the gigs and buying the music! #LempoLovesYou x


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