AN21 & Max Vangeli Interview – Ahead Of Their Highly Anticipated Croatian Date!

Deemed at the future Swedish House Mafia, AN21 & Max Vangeli have soon become two of the most exciting and dynamic music duos on the scene! Known for their ever impressing electro sets and progressive house backgrounds, the pair are well on their way to huge levels of success, as they put their knowledge and skills together to create some immense big room tunes! With their highly anticipated date with Eddie Halliwell on 14th August for Fire It Up at Papaya, on the island of Pag, Croatia and the hint of an album on the way… We chat to the lads to see what else has been happening and what they are getting excited about this year.

So, firstly have you guys had the pleasure of visiting Croatia before?

Of course! It’s an AMAZING place!!!

For anyone who hasn’t witnessed an AN21 & Max Vangeli set, what can they expect from you guys?

Lots of energy and drinks being poured in the booth! It’s all about energy from us!

One track you’re sure to play for Fire It Up?

Our collaboration with the AMAZING Julie McKnight – “Bombs Over Capitals”

What’s happening with Size Records this summer?

Big things but the main thing is our album of course! Steve has a lot of amazing records he is going to push as well on his end!

With the end of The Swedish House Mafia imminent, do you think Steve will be spending more time on the label?

OF COURSE! That’s going to be the main focus for sure!

Dance music will need a new DJ super-group soon, who do you think has got the goods

Well we don’t like to consider ourselves as a full time group as we do a lot of shows separately. But who knows, lets hope it’s someone from the SIZE family J
What’s been the highlight of 2012 for you guys so far?

Working on and finally finishing our album! Super excited to finally have the fans hear it.

If you could bring back someone from the dead to work with on a track who would it be?

Hmm probably the King of Pop himself, just so we can say we did something with such amazing talent! All the girls will be ours J

If you could go back in time five years and give yourself some advice, what would it be?

Learn to play an instrument from day one!

What’s the greatest EDM track of all time?

Probably “Daft Punk – Da Funk”

Who’s the bigger studio geek?

Both equal geeks, but Antoine is more of a geek in general haha

Who’s got the best footwear?

Hmm probably both of us

Best dance moves?

The fist pump vs the air piano at the same time synchronized?

Who moans the most?


Who would win in a boxing match?

Haha it will all depend on how drunk Max is probably.

One of you is late and missed a flight, who is it?

haha “no comment”

Finally a message to the fans that are hyped up to see you at Papaya?

Love you guys soo much!  Can’t wait to see all of you!!!

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