Digital Wax Interview… 24th August @ South Manchester

The night that we’ve all been waiting for is just 3 weekends away! Digital Wax will be coming to south on the 24th August to present something Manchester has been lacking in… Techno. In just 18 days, South will open it’s doors and it’s floor space to hundreds of thirsty clubbers with a hunger for anything that’s not deep and melodic! On the line-up for this incredible event is the one and only Jon Rundell, known for being Carl Cox’s right hand man… He’s going to play some tasty Ibiza grooves that will bring a bit of the white isle over to our not so summery Manchester! Movement Uk resident Mark Santangelo and Matt Cooper are also on board to wind the crowd up and then wind them up some more. Digital Wax promise it will be ‘so good you don’t go to the bar’, and we think it’s going to be amazing, I’m extremely excited, as I think music has got a bit too deep recently, and somebody needs to rock the boat! Actually, lets take the boat to the high seas and party on with a bottle of rum and no life jackets!

We talk to Matt and Sam who are the incredible creators of this night… But we now know them by… Waxy… Mr Wax… Digi… Dee and D Wax. Here they tell us their future plans for Digital Wax and why they are bring techno back to Manchester.

So how did you guys meet?

Sam: We were both friends from an early age and used to mix together back in the days of belt drive turntables and the album that really made us fall in love with Dance music was when Carl Cox released Fact. It was very much an underground movement then and even now some of the records on that album are still played to this day.

Matt: We also used to go clubbing back in the late 1990’s in the days when Trance and Hard House was at the forefront and organised parties together then. We were then very much into the Nu-NRG sound and Tony De Vit and his live in Tokyo album had a similar impact. At the time the energy of his sets was unequalled and the sound being touted now by Jon Rundell, Carl Cox, Christian Varela and Nicole Moudaber has a lot of these similarities.

Why did you decide to bring a techno night to Manchester?

Sam: After going to Awakening in 2010 and seeing Carl Cox at WHP last year we looked for a regular night locally that we could party at drew a blank. There was no reasonable explanation reason why this was the case. For us it is perfect party music and we could not stop smiling at both these nights every time the next record came in. This then gave us the motivation to bring this sound here on a regular basis. Manchester is thriving at the minute in terms of deep house but there seems to be a real opening for a tougher edged party and we set up Digital Wax with this in mind.

Matt: We want to emulate  the recent atmospheres we have found at parties we have recently been to in Europe such as Awakenings (Amsterdam) and Space (Ibiza). At these events we have experienced a real energetic, upfront and vibrant style and we thought it was a shame we had to travel to Europe to get it. That’s when we decided we should bring these experiences to our beloved Manchester.

What do you think is missing from Manchester’s nightlife?

Sam: Manchester is great and with places like Sankeys and WHP you have 2 of the best clubs in the country. This year WHP have a couple of parties that are similar to our sound in particular the Carl Cox party and event that includes Adam Beyer. We will be attending these no doubt but want to bring this style and sound to Manchester on a regular basis.

Matt: Manchester has a very vibrant and diverse nightlife that caters for all tastes, however there aren’t any nights regular nights on at present where you can experience the European party vibe. We think now is a good time for Digital Wax to introduce that vibe.

What made you choose South as the club to host the event?

Sam: For us South has so much untapped potential and we are 100% sure it is going to be the next big venue in the North in terms of Dance Music.  There are already some big nights starting to realise this with WHP, Drop the Mustard and Zutekh. It has a feel to it similar to Mint Club in Leeds and with it’s pre-installed funktion one system it is perfect for a night like this.

Matt: South is quickly getting a reputation for the quality of its venue and events held there. We felt that the venue was the perfect fit for what we are trying to achieve as they have an awesome Funktion One sound system. This coupled with their professional management and promotions team made South our first choice. We are delighted that we can hold our events at South and feel Digital Wax and South are well matched.

Are you excited about having Carl Cox’s right hand man Jon Rundell headline the event?

Sam: When we set this up Jon Rundell was the first choice for us and we were over the moon when we managed to secure him. He has some massive gigs this summer and we’ve managed to book him straight after his set at Carl Cox’s Revolution Recruits @ Space. He also heads up Intec Digital with Carl Cox so represents the European sound we are going for perfectly. We also wanted to book someone with an international presents and his summer roster includes Ultra Music Festival, Sonar, Tomorrow Land, Space and Eden so people are coming to watch someone who really does understand the big occasion.

What other nights have the two of you put together?

Matt: We both ran the afterparty for Gategrasher/Insomniacz at The Howard in Sheffield back in the late 90’s Early 2000’s and last year had a stint running warm up parties for Colour and Micron under the Home From Home guise.  We are really glad we started small and worked our way up as it gave us an insight into running an event.  It certainly opened our eyes and without that we would not have understood the level of work it takes to get something like this off the ground

Whats next for Digital Wax?

Sam: We have already booked the DJ for the second party and he is one the biggest stars on the scene today. To give you a clue he played one of the main areas at the Awakenings festival this year but that is as much as we can say at the minute. We will be releasing details of this very soon.

Matt: Currently we are in talks with some leading European and UK brands about bringing them to Manchester but again can’t say too much and these are way off coming to confirmation. If we so manage to get these confirmed it will be massive and that is an element we want to keep going. The element of surprise and keeping things new and fresh.

Thanks Matt and Sam for talking to us, we can’t wait for this… It’s going to be massive! And we urge any djs/promoters to send their demos/interest to as they are going to take off and want you to get involved!

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P.s… Check out the July Promo Mix they have made for the event and the really cool Jon Rundell Digital Wax Promo he made a few days ago.




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