Digital Wax – Jon Rundell Smashed It

As the august bank holiday weekend commonly goes in Manchester, the weather was unfortunately very wet and pretty miserable! But seeing as we haven’t had a summer this year, and since the rain doesn’t faze us hard skinned Mancs, the party shall go on! With umbrellas and minimal clothing, we made our way to South, where we were greeted by the lovely Matt, chief organiser and partner in crime with fellow techno brain Sam.

First on the menu was the delicious starter; Mark Santangelo, a cheeky chappy with a spicy coating of dark tribal beats. He was warming up the room nicely and it quickly began to fill up. We had a little stomp then went outside for a cig, where we found the most amazing smoking area, complete with bar and new york style alleyway. If it was a bit hotter and less rainy, it would have been quite a trendy spot to chill in but standing underneath a generator trying to avoid the raindrops was a bit more Nono than Soho. Never the less, it was a pretty cool space.

Jon Rundell - Digital Wax @ South Nightclub - Manchester - August 2012After a little chat with Jon Rundell outside, (the full Interview will come soon), the main course was prep’d and ready to be revealed. He took his rightful place behind the decks and received a warm welcome from the crowd. Mark Santangelo had warmed up their bellies nicely but the people wanted something a little heavier! Playing “Danilo Vagorito – I Saw The Light” and “Tapesh & Maximijan – Clown (Alex Tepper Remix)”, his tunes were a great mixture of current techno, tasty tech house and some of his own well produced tracks. He’s one of those DJ’s that has his own style… And the tribal notes of the Balearic isle were ringing through all his tracks. Towards the end of his set I could hear him bringing in “Knick Knack” which is a song that I have incredible memories of and hearing it played in Manchester was just incredible. Who cares about the rain… Ibiza had just arrived and had brought the sun, sea and sand with him!

It was a fantastic night, the organization was un-fault-able (don’t know if that’s a word), the crowd were loving it and the music was dark and seductive. Everyone I spoke to had a really good evening and can’t wait for the next one! I certainly had a good time… As the prayer dance doesn’t come out for just anybody!

Jess - The Prayer DanceDigital Wax will be returning to South on Novemeber 23rd… Keep tuned for the special guest announcement and further juicy details…

**Edit by James

Just have to say a huge thank you to Matt and Sam for starting a terrific night. Hopefully the masses will realise how good the music is, the crowd of music enthusiasts and general party-goers at the gig seemed to love it and the DMM team had a great night. Another huge thank you to Jon Rundell for taking the time to chat to us outside, an honor meeting such a legend, humble and down to Earth but then smashed the tunes out as if he was playing a packed out Space. Check out Jon’s latest track released on Intec Digital, Revival.

Another HUGE thanks to Chantelle and Lauren for the photos, we’ll upload more at the weekend, bit of a technical issue at the moment :)


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