Dub FX @ Sound Control 03.08.12

Dub FX is someone I used to watch videos of on Youtube years ago and just think… How is he doing that! This man creates music out of layers of noise just by using his mouth… And his feet on the pedals! He is a one man musical machine! On the 3rd August, Dub FX is bringing his talents to Sound Control for an extremely exclusive Lowdown Live event. In fact there are only two shows happening in the UK this year, here and Bristol. So if you’re in the area… Get a ticket and come down because I’m sure it will be massive and not one you’ll want to miss this year.

Joining Dub FX will be his lovely lady Flower Fairy together with label mates, Cade, Snareophobe and Fallen Fortyfive who will all combine their skills and musical variations to create one hell of a summer party. We think the night will be incredible, something totally different with a proper raw DIY feel to it. Love it love it love it.

Full Line up:
Dub FX
Flower Fairy
Fallen Fortyfive
Steve Thorpe
Ash Howell

Tickets are £10 + £1 fees and you can get them on the Sound Control website here!

Dub FX 18/04/2009 'Soothe Your Pain'




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