Oliver Lang, D.O.D and #DMMDanceOffs as Bitch hits Venus July 2012

After the insane night I had at Bitch in June, for #48HrsWith @IamLempo, I decided not to take a camera, not to try and talk to everyone that I need to but to just party as hard as possible, so this review should be a little different to the normal. What a night it was though.

I headed down to Venus shortly before it opened with John Morris,  Lempo and Japwow before their sets. Seeing Venus before it opened was quite unusual as it always seems packed when we head down but the DJs and the staff were already enjoying themselves, preparing the night’s tracks and general banter about Ibiza and recent gigs. As the club opened, the queue was already around the corner and a fair way down Deansgate, so we knew we were in for a busy one. Especially so, considering Global Gathering was in full force by now.

Lempo and Japwow opened up the night, playing an hour’s worth of their newest tracks and Venus favourites, Kurt (@kurtlee_dmm) and myself (@dmm_james) were already on the dance floor, warming up for the now infamous #DMMDanceOff to some awesome music from 2/3 of Applique Music, their Funky Beat remix had us grooving early on.

Japwow handed over to John Morris, who shared the decks with Lempo for the second hour of more awesome music. It was at this point where DMM’s new writer, Don Juan de la Nooch (aka James Noonan), arrived and we headed over to Russo’s set in the back room.

“I always look forward to the last Saturday of the month. Bitch Events is one of the few nights I get where I can just dance the night away to some truly class music and not have to worry about things like work or….well work mostly, and I’m glad to say this month’s offering didn’t disappoint.” James Noonan (Don Juan!)

Hopping behind the decks with him and my some of our  friends, Noonan’s night had officially kicked off. Martyn played big, as usual, and the crowd loved it, especially when he played a mashup of the Million voices in my mind – Chris Finnegan Bootleg (http://soundcloud.com/chris-finnegan/million-voices-in-my-mind) as well as his own Million Voice Apologize Booty (http://soundcloud.com/dj-martyn-russo/otto-knows-vs-one-republic-2) to which they went wild!

After his set, the real party began! Both of the James’s and Kurt from the DMM team, as well as a few others then kicked the party off in full swing with the official #DMMDanceOff. This had been hyped up to the max on twitter and I’m glad to say we didn’t disappoint! Jimmy’s hips, Kurts dips and James’s tricks are always a highlight! It didn’t matter about what tune was playing, so long as we were having fun and getting people involved.

Around 4am we heading to the bar for a few drinks, but were soon back on it, raving like lunatics and showing the world that we’re not just there to write about stuff, but also to prove we are first and foremost ravers! Now at this point we have to be honest, we were there PURELY for the party this night and that was exactly what we got. Everywhere we were, the music was awesome but it was all about the atmosphere. Created half by the tunes and half by the crowd, we couldn’t help but enjoy ourselves.

The highlight of the night…well I say highlight, there were two of them…The first has to be hearing one of my favourite summer tunes, Deadmau5 and Chris James – The Veldt (Tommy Trash Remix)  blasting out through the speakers:

The second has to be, having such a good night partying that we hadn’t even realised the time. We were raving to Paul Nag’s set which, in true Bitch style, was to a packed Venus at 6.30 in the morning! We didn’t think it was even past 3 at this point, a true and honest testament to the night.

Already counting the days down until our next Bitch….(sadly its not for another two months as next month is the big one: Creamfields)!

One last note, a massive thank you to Eddie Gosht from Oh My Gosht Photography for allowing us to use his stunning photos from the night. A truly quality photographer and a top bloke, highly recommended by DMM. Check out the " target="_blank">Oh My Gosht Photography Facebook Page for more!




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