Transpennine Express – Thursday Nights at The Black Dog Ballroom with Krysko, Will Tramp and Luke Unabomber

Last week, a friend of mine asked the Dance Music Manchester team, “where’s good on a Thursday night for house music?“ During term time, when all the uni students are around, it’s an easy answer, here’s a list, choose one… so to speak. However, during the summer, we struggled for a minute.

Then I remembered a poster that Jess and myself had seen at the Black Dog Ballroom, advertising a night called Transpennine Express with Warehouse Project resident Krysko, Will Tramp and Luke Unabomber. Being fans of Krysko’s after years of unbelievable parties at the Warehouse Project, we figured it surely has to be a good night, so headed down to the Northern Quarter to check it out.

We made it to the Black Dog Ballroom quite early, hoping to having a quick chat with the guys involved, a few chilled beers and see what the score was. Considering I had to leave for work at 730 the next morning, we were not expecting a heavy one. What a mistake that was! 

Krysko at the Black Dog Ballroom - August 2012Jess and her friend Kaylie joined myself around 1030 and the bar was full of nicely dressed, relaxed, happy looking people enjoying a relaxed mid-week beer. The BDBR is perfect for this in the evenings so why not? However, as Krysko started his set at about 11, the bar substituted some of its relaxed audience for people who wanted to dance to some decent house music in the city. By 12 / 1230, the appeal of Krysko’s music had drawn in a good, friendly crowd,  seemed up for a laugh and a dance.

The strict but polite door team kept out any muppets, staggering from the locals after last orders, the bar staff served relatively well priced drinks, quite quickly too considering it was busy,  to those wanting to chill and Jagerbombs to those wanting to party and the DJ was playing great music. Perfect start to the evening so far.

The pool tables were packed, the bar area was full but relaxed and the dance floor was busy enough to dance like there’s no work tomorrow but not so busy you couldn’t move. So, in true DMM style, Jess, Kaylie and myself pulled out some ridiculous shapes enjoying the variety in Krysko’s very well thought out set, perfect for the crowd, using his experience across many venues around Europe to provide an awesome, after hours atmosphere in the Northern Quarter.

We can’t really fault the Black Dog Ballroom’s Thursday house night, Transpennine Express, it had everything you would need for a casual beer with friends, pool tables if you wanted a bit of competition, good bar staff, a brilliant crowd of happy party-goers throwing their best moves on the dance floor and awesome DJ’s that would keep you dancing all night.

In fact they did, we left at about 4ish, happy and smiling but then having to go home for 2 hours sleep before work on Friday morning. Worth it? Hell yeah! Might have to nip down for a “chilled out beer or two” this Thursday.

Transpennine Express is held every Thursday at the Black Dog Ballroom in the Northern Quarter, (underneath Afflecks) and is free entry. Massive thank you to Tom, the team at the BDBR and Krysko for hosting a perfect mid-week session. 

Check out the BDBR on Twitter or view their website for more information!




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